4 Ways Rephairations Is More Than A Retail Store

Appreciating textured hair and all the ways we choose to style it.

4 Ways Rephairations Is More Than A Retail Store

At Rephairations, our mission is to provide our community and customers with a Black-centered, welcoming environment that is safe, fun, and accessible to anyone who wants to shop, discuss, question, and appreciate textured hair and the beautiful ways it can be styled! With that in mind, we know that it can seem like our shop is just that: just a shop. But we’re so much more than what’s on our shelves and in our space! Here are four ways Rephairations is more than just a retail store:


Family-Friendly Store

We know that family is one of the most important things in life for so many people. That’s why we’re inclusive of anyone and everyone looking to learn more about textured hair and find products, conversation, and advice about it. From parents of adopted children looking for information and help on how to help style their child’s hair, to teens looking for more information on how to express themselves with hairstyles, we’re friendly and welcoming and we look forward to meeting you!


Inviting Acclaimed Authors for Book Reading Events

One of the many ways we surprise our customers with the range of experiences and products offered at Rephairations is by inviting acclaimed authors to our store for book reading events. By uplifting Black voices in a welcoming, inclusive space, we’re working to educate our community members and engage in discussions with them about Black experiences. In addition to supporting these amazing authors, we love to have our community members in our space, enjoying the creativity of these creative writers.


All Of Our Products Support Other Minority Business Owners

At Rephairations, our focus is on supporting and uplifting the experiences of those who don’t always have space made for them, including other minorities. That’s why you’ll only find products in our store and online that are from businesses that are owned by minority individuals. We firmly believe that supporting other business owners and minorities makes a lasting, positive impact on our community and take pride in the products we carry.


Promote a Community Space For Our Clients

You’ll never find a high-pressure salesperson in our shop. In modern times, there are so often very few spaces for people to find community connection, friendly conversation, or a place to simply exist. That’s why we work to promote our space as a community gathering place for our clients to come say hi, catch up with others, and support other community members together! Come by and visit our shop today to see how welcoming and loving our community can be.

At Rephairations, we’re not just your run-of-the-mill retail shop for hair products and more. We work to be welcoming, inviting, and promote support for those in our community and those joining our community. By working together to uplift Black and minority voices, business owners, and individuals, we’re making progress toward creating a more welcoming and inclusive community. Come by and see us today to say hi to our staff, connect with community members, and of course, learn more about textured hair products, styling, and so much more.

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