4 Reasons to Buy From RepHAIRations

Appreciating textured hair and all the ways we choose to style it.

4 Reasons to Buy From RepHAIRations

Our mission is to provide a Black-centered, welcoming environment in which anyone and everyone can shop, discuss, question, advise, laugh, and appreciate textured hair and all the ways we choose to style it. If that isn't enough to buy from us, here are 4 more reasons:

Two friends laughing

We get to know our customers

We know the best way for us to serve you is by getting to know you first, and by knowing our customers we learn what works best for them. Our team invests in our community through getting to know our clients!

A young man touching his hair

Personalized Experience

Hair can be a person's sense of self, a link to their culture, and an expression! We broaden our horizons by catering to you and learning about your experiences. We want our products to work for you, to amplify your identity.

A female black business owner on the phone

Black female owned and operated

Black women continue to be leading entrepreneurs when it comes to starting businesses, yet annual sales continue to significantly trail that of all other female-owned businesses due to lacking support and awareness. We want to change that, and you can help.

A chef cutting ingredients in the kitchen

We support other Black and Brown business owners

We are here because of the support of our family, friends, and our community and we want to provide that same support to our community of Black and Brown business owners. When you buy from us, you are directly supporting Black and Brown entrepreneurs!

When you buy from RepHAIRations, it's not just about getting a great deal or a great product, but supporting Black women and a community that supports you back.

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