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Heidi Bailey

I am a parent, Early Childhood Educator and native of Cambridge who has decided to invest my time into creating positive, black-centered spaces. RepHAIRations holds the potential to provide a validating and safe space for our community.


Sipho Mangcu

I grew up in South Africa, where hair was a big part of our national heritage and identity as Black people. As a fashion enthusiast, I am always fascinated with experimenting with different hair styles. When my family moved to Boston we struggled to find a space that catered to our hair, that is why RepHAIRations is so important to me!


Yvonne Adams

I began my journey of truly exploring my whiteness and class privilege in depth about 4 years ago. We chose the name “RepHAIRations” for our shop very intentionally - I see my role in this partnership as a way in which I can begin to contribute to a community at whose expense I have (and will continue to) benefitted all my life. Turning the dream of an oasis for Black folks in a white desert of Metro West Boston into a reality makes RepHAIRations so much more than a play on words. It is my commitment to working hard to “do less harm."


Lauren Ramdin

Growing up in Arlington, there were not many options when it came to my hair care or my culture. Hair can be centric to a person’s identity, it can ground them in culture, it can be an expression - in that it becomes more than just hair. I enjoy being a part of a an affirming space that can highlight Black and brown entrepreneurs.

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