Three Crazy Women Decided To Open A Hair Care Store. The End But Not Really…

Our Story

We are friends. We are moms. We are different races. We want a better world for our kids. We met in 2016, while volunteering for a fundraiser at our children's school. We talked about the different paths that had led each of us to a mostly white school in a suburb of segregated Boston. We discussed where to get our hair done and complained about the everyday inconveniences of having no hair shops in our area. We fleshed out the endless ways that systemic racism and oppression affects every bit of our daily lives. Then, we had honest conversations about the roles we each play in upholding and dismantling that system - we covered it all! We debated about the best ways to make change. And, while it feels overwhelming to think about dismantling systemic oppression, it felt exciting to dream about filling a need by opening a hair shop where none exists. We talked and dreamed, and dreamed and talked… until a day in October 2019 when we decided to actually do it! Never mind that we knew nothing about opening a retail business of any kind. Never mind that we didn’t have a business plan or investors. We had a vision and a name and the conviction to make it happen.

Welcome to RepHAIRations!

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